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Various | Alien Men LP

Full Dose

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Tip top collection of dubwise brilliance from Glasgow's Full Dose label showcasing the the city's home grown talent in producing brilliant cutting edge dub inspired music. Loads of great stuff on here including the insane low end slo-mo digidub work out of "Never Phased" by Mushrew to the mesmerisingly beautiful "Shype" by Brollachan and the shimmering ambience of Hima's 'Reflections' that brings the album to a close.


1. The Ghetto Tribe - Lemon Haze Bruv
2. Instant Camera - 4U
3. Brollachan - Disgusting Seagull
4. Mushrew - Never Phased
5. DJ Nord - Cake
6. Mushrew - Moodyboxx
7. Mushrew - Phased
8. Brollachan - Shype
9. Hilma - Reflections