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Magnificent Sevens - Vol 2

Dubwise Vinyl · Magnificent 7s - Shelf 2


The next transmission from the shelves of 7"s. This one features music and remixes from Junior Byles, Dennis Brown, Andrew Weatherall and Grouper.

Junior Byles - ‘Fade Away’
Dennis Brown - ‘Black Magic Woman’
Glenn Adams & Rick Frater - “Dread Version’
Exotica De Lago - ‘Kung Fu Rock’
Riddim Conference - ‘Dub Cobra’
Fada Rees - ‘Dub Furnace’
Marcus Anbessa - ‘March Of The Falasha’
Rudie & The Woodster - ‘J’ai Tout Lu’
Phantom Band / Linear Johnson & The Protons - 'Rush Rush'
Alma Vox - ’Toi Mon Toit’
Disappears - ‘Trans Europa Express’
Copeland & Gast - ’Sisters Of Control’
Lark - ‘Can I Colour In Your Hair’ (Andrew Weatherall Version)
J-Zbel - ‘ZHF’ (Poppers Mix)
Barry Woolnough - ‘Great Father Spirit In The Sky’
Grouper - ‘Headache’