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Magnificent Sevens - Vol 6

Dubwise Vinyl · Magnificent 7s - Shelf 6


Some more magnificent 7"s from the Dubwise Vinyl shelves covering ambient, psych-funk, reggae, dub, post-punk, dancehall, digi, breakbeat and steppers with music from Susan Cadogan, Dennis Brown, Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, Bush Tetras and Alpha Steppa.

Undefined - 'After Effect'
Yin Yin - ‘Dion Ysiusk’
Stephen Chang - 'Always Together'
Susan Cadogan - 'Nice and Easy'
Dennis Brown - 'Rub A Dub All The Time'
Family Man & Knotty Roots - 'Distant Drums' (version)
Skin, Flesh & Bones - 'We'll Get Over it' (Part 2)
The Liberators - 'Enemies Are Coming' (version)
Bush Tetras - ‘Too Many Creeps'
Paula Clarke - 'No Parking On The Dance Floor'
DJ C & Quality Diamond - 'Let It Billie' (Dancehall Mix)
Boombastic Crew - 'Gorgon Dub'
King FiFi - 'The Riddim'
Fizzy Veins - 'Kool Down'
Alpha Steppa - 'Liberation