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North Of The River Swan

Dubwise Vinyl · North Of The River Swan Guest Mix April 2020

A mix I put together for Jesse Yuen's North Of The River Swan radio show on RT.FM that was broadcast on 12th April 2020. It starts off quite spaced out and trippy before heading into more familiar dub territory with music from Undefined, Sound Iration and Mystic Red Corporation.

Undefined - ‘After Effect’
WithDrawn - ‘Shelter’ (O​$​VMV​$​M Remix)
Mystic Red Corperation ‎– 'As I Was Walking'
LXC Ft. Emperor Echo - 'How Bleep Is Your Dub'
Kolida Babo - ‘Exodus’ (Who's The Technician? Dub)
Mlin Patz - 'Toyota'
G.Rizzo - 'Je Me Mentis' (Version)
Sound Iration - 'C.T.U.F.B.'
Tredie Tilstand - 'Intet Svar'
ELO - ‘Uskallatko' (Dub)
Guru Cushna & Livin' Spirits - 'Mind Your Business' (Dub)
Karime Kendra - '90% Of Me Is You’