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TRAAMS In Dub Vol. 2 | The Elijah Minnelli Dubs 10" EP


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One of two spectacular dub remix records on Brighton's FatCat Records consisting of tracks selected from TRAAMS "Personal Best" LP that have been given the dub treatment by two of the most exciting and singular purveyors of contemporary experimental dubwise sounds around. 

Here the elusive Elijah Minnelli takes charge of Volume 2 which comes delivered on an authentic dubplate style 10" packed with four deadly remixes showcasing his unique ability to incorporates outernational influences into a range of dub styles from deep digi to driving steppers. The results, as always, are exceptional. 

Highly recommended.

A1. Dry (Elijah Minnelli Dub) 
A2. The Lights At Night (Elijah Minnelli Dub)
B1. Comedown (Elijah Minnelli Dub)
B2. Sirens (Elijah Minnelli Dub)