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Om Unit | Acid Dub Studies II LP

Acid Dub Studies

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The much anticipated follow up to Om Unit's now classic Acid Dub Studies LP that presents ten brand new transmissions from the depths of the echo chamber that display the happy musical marriage that can develop between a 303 acid squiggle and a dub bassline.

Building on the success of its predecessor it takes in an even broader set of influences from the world of reggae and in particular dancehall (check out the two amazing takes on Tubby's Tempo rhythm...) resulting in another top notch set of pleasingly varied tunes that proves the acid dub concept to be as fruitful as ever.

1. Melted
2. Camo
3. Strange Brew 
4. Electroacidspringwater
5. Pursuit
6. Valium Tempo
7. To The River
8. Acid Tempo
9. Liberation
10. Springdub Meditation