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Love Wonderland | The Best Twilights of Love Wonderland LP

Camisole Records

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Really lovely and intriguing record here from Japan's Love Wonderland on Paris based Camisole Records.

I have to confess when I first stumbled across this I assumed it was an archival release both due to the sound (which feels like it may originate from late 70's/early 80s) and also due to the 'Best Of..." title. I was therefore surprised and further intrigued to discover the origin of the recordings actually only date back to the last five years having been made between 2019 and 2024.

It only took one listen and I was totally hooked. It's a sound that sits on the fringes of several different genres which is always something that really catches my ear - dub and reggae are at the forefront but there are also elements of post-punk and plenty of fantastic good old fashioned pop hooks. Brenda Ray is maybe the nearest comparison I think of but Love Wonderland really have crafted a sound here that is quite unique and very much their own.

Great record. Well worth checking out.

1. Raspberry Sun (Demo) 
2. Gnossiennes No.3 
3. Sora Wo Matagu Hashi 
4. Happa San No Uta 
5. Happy Days 
6. Love is Flower 
7. The Love Silent Siren 
8. Forever Young Boy 
9. Maringe Blue