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Hugh Maddo | Pop Style LP


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Very welcome reissue from the always excellent 333 label of this much sort after record which has become somewhat of a cult classic on the second hand market (with a price tag to match) - the sole album from Hugh Maddo originally dating back to 1987.

Franky it's worth the entrance price alone for 'Baby Don't Go' which is nothing short of a masterpiece delivering a compelling and unique mix of soul, funk, disco and reggae that sounds like nothing else that was around back then or since. Tune!

Other highlights include the blazing horns driven 'Everywhere You Go In This World', the beautifully soulful 'Tavellin Man' and the rocking melancholy skank of title track 'Pop Style.'

A great under the radar album that showcases Hugh's amazing vocal delivery and his willingness to push the late 80's sound in some interesting new directions.

A1 Pop Style
A2 Baby Don't Go
A3 Country Girl
A4 Take Bribe
A5 Budget
B1 Everywhere You Go In This World
B2 Give Me The Sensie
B3 Jah-Jah
B4 Travelin' Man