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Gaylords | I Man Suffering 7"

Cosmos Records

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Proper holy grail business here! The original version of the legendary "I Man Suffering" now thankfully available again on 7" for those of us mere mortals who don't want to blow £300+ on an OG copy (that's if you're lucky enough to find one...)

Once you give it a listen you can totally understand what all the fuss is about. It's a very special and unique sounding record. Originally recorded by the Dominican group Gaylords whilst they were on tour in the UK in the mid 70's and then released (in very small number as a pre-release 7") on UK label Cosmos. It was then later given another lease of life when it was re-recorded by fellow Dominican Ophelia who included it on her 1978 eponymous album (her version has also recently been given the reissue treatment on 7", copies of which I had in the shop a few months back).

A great opportunity to own this wonderful piece of music on the original format it was intended for - the small but mighty 7" vinyl.

Hats off to Jah Fingers for making it happen.

A I Man Suffering
B Dreads Luck Version