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Denise Ogbeide | Resist 12"

Virgo Stomach

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Very happy and excited to be able to offer original press copies of this brilliant and fascinating record that dates back to 1994.

Released on John Rubie's London based reggae label Virgo Stomach it's one of those records that feels important not only because of the quality of music it contains but also as a historical document that captures a specific musical and cultural moment when things were a bit of a cross roads, which are always the kind or records I personally find particularly interesting.

It feels like a classic London melting pot record that absorbs influences from several different sources - reggae, soul, hip hop and the early 90's dance scene. The result is a sound that sits somewhere in the realms of what Soul II Soul were producing (and in fact it feels like it would have been a perfect fit for their Funki Dreds label in that it is indeed both funky and dread) but I would say it has heavier reggae influences than a lot of their output. The super heavy bassline for example is pure dub and really puts it in a league of its own. Denise's beautifully soulful vocals also capture the resistance and defiance of roots reggae and these reggae and dub influences bring it closer to the Bristol sound that Smith & Mighty and Massive Attack were also pioneering at the time.

Brilliant record and great to be able to get hold of original unplayed stock copies of it that are now nearly 30 years old.

A Resist (Reggae Mix)
B Resist (Dance Mix)