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Chris McDonald | Everything I Do 12"


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Bit of a mad one this! OG copies of a 90's dancehall version of Bryan Adam's mega hit "Everything I Do." Yes, you heard me right!

Sounds like it really shouldn't work but it just kind of does... Amazing soulful vocal delivery from Chris McDonald over an infectious bubbling version of the Bam Bam/Murder She Wrote rhythm make this one tough to resist. One of those tunes that both raises a smile and makes you want to move your feet. Has the added bonus of a dub that also works pretty nicely as a stand alone piece too.

Further evidence to strengthen the theory that you can find a reggae version of any song if you look hard enough!

Nice clean and loud original press 12"s (which are still sealed and unopened) on Derrick Harriott's Crystal label. Not sure on their age but I'd guess they originate from the early 90's.

A1 Chris McDonald – Everything I Do (Vocal New Mix)
A2 Chariot Riders – Everything I Do (Rhythm Mix)
B1 Chris McDonald – Everything I Do (Vocal Straight Mix)
B2 Chariot Riders – Everything I Do (More Rhythm Mix)