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Dad Bod Dub | Sweet Dreams / Experimental Sounds 7"

Cry No More

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Terrific little record here all the way from Australia on Perth's Cry No More label.

Dad Bod Dub take the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams on a ride to the darkest, dubbiest depths of the echo chamber and come back with a darkly beautiful dubbed out post-punk masterpiece that flips the original on it's head delivering an unexpected yet very welcome twist on a classic.

It doesn't stop there though... flip it over and you're treated to the equally strong "Experimental Sounds" which combines the dubwise funk of The Upsetters with the progressive experimentation of On-U Sound and the result is a lovely slice of high grade dancefloor friendly dub. Top record!

Comes served up on 100% recycled vinyl in a variety of very fetching colours.

A Sweet Dreams
B Experimental Sounds