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Androo / MC Waraba | Waraba in Dub X Mugul 12" EP

Poly Dance Theatre

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Another crazy good record here from Geneva based dub explorer Androo.

A-side is home to "C Toi Çaa" a cross continental collaboration with Malian MC Waraba who dextrously rides a mad rhythm produced by Androo that takes it's influences from dub, rap and synth and is delivered as 3 mixes of increasing dubwise deepness. Pick of the bunch for me is the vocal dub which gets the balance just right by taking things real deep whilst keeping snippets of Waraba's vocals in the mix and dubbing them up nicely to create a unique and pleasingly refreshing global sound.

Then flip it over to experience the delights of 'X-Gul" on the B-side which is proper next level steppers business delivered across 4 mixes which pretty much do what they say on the tin - "synth," "ruff & tuff," "spring drive" and "deep". A mix for every occasion...

Maybe no surprise that my personal favourite here is the final deep mix which is a glorious low slung dubwise chugger that manages to pack some colossal bassweight whilst never losing sight of the dancefloor. It's a real beauty. Deep, groovy and very dubby.


A1 C Toi Çaa (Dub re-interpretation)
A2 C Toi Çaa (Vocal Dub)
A3 C Toi Çaa (Version)
B1 X Mugul (mètavèrçe) pt1 (synth mix)
B2 X Mugul (mètavèrçe) pt2 (ruff & tuff mix)
B3 X Mugul (mètavèrçe) pt3 (spring drive mix)
B4 X Mugul (mètavèrçe) pt4 (deep mix)