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Wellette Seyon / I-Dave – Anywhere I Go / Inner Sanctuary Melody 12"

Roots Vibration

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Big fan of this record.

One of a kind magic at work here that sees Ethiopian vocalist Wellette Seyon deliver some wonderfully mystical and soulful lyrics over a steppers update on Augustus Pablo's epic No Entry/Think Twice rhythm. As you can hear it's a combination that works an absolute treat. Comes with three epic dubs all mixed by Jonah Dan.

Originally released on US label Black Redemption label in 2011 it's become a bit of modern day classic with the associated rarity and price that goes with it so a welcome reissue here from Roots Vibration.

A1 Wellette Seyon – Anywhere I Go
A2 Jonah Dan – Rastafari Before I Dubwise
B1 I-Dave – Inner Sanctuary Melody
B2 Inner Sanctuary Dubstars – Inner Sanctuary Dubwise