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Th Blisks | Elixa LP

Efficient Space

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 Cracking record here from Th Blisks on Melbourne's ever excellent Efficient Space label.

One of those records that further confirms my theory that we may be in the midst of some kind of trip hop renaissance except this second wave seem to have even better tunes than the OGs!

In this case just have a listen to "Do You Bless It" which provides one of the most perfect unions of melodica dub and blunted hip hop beats I think I've ever heard.

There's also a lot more going on here than simply new wave trip hop. Melancholic ambience, post-punk experimentalism and hazy dream pop combine to create a Th Blisks' own distinctive brand of dubbed out psychedelia. Top record.


A1 Enchancity
A2 Do You Bless It?
A3 No Know
A4 Elixa
B1 Knuckledust
B2 Esk
B3 Umbrah
B4 E v E