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Taikokissie & Dub Passengers | Tepid Sunshine 10" EP

I Like Your Anger

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Back In Stock Sometimes a record just appears out of nowhere that totally blows your mind. This is one of those records.

Four extraordinary psychedelic jazz-dub jams from Japan's Taikokissie on a privately pressed 10". Comparisons could be drawn to the dubwise free jazz of Khan Jamal's  "Drum Dance To The Motherland" or the cosmic dub of fellow countryman Pecker but the sound crafted here by Taikokissie and his fellow Dub Passengers really exists in a world of it's own. Both the musicianship and the production  is superb and the result is a very special and unique sounding record.

Apologies about the price but these were neither cheap nor easy to get all the way from Japan to Essex but when you have a listen to the clips below I think you'll agree it was 100% worth it.

Please note most copies have a very slight 'dish warp' to them which is feature of the whole pressing but it doesn't affect the playback in anyway. They sound amazing.


A1. "I Like Your Anger" 
A2. "Wall Walk" 
B1. "How Many Years Of Joy And Suffering" 
B2. "Napoli To Nippori"