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King Tubby | Rastafari Dub 1974-1979 LP

12 Star / Studio 16

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Back In Stock Another essential Tubby dub set from Brad Osbourne Clocktower Records that collects together killer rhythms recorded by Bunny Lee 's The Aggrovators that have been dubbed to perfection at Tubby's.

Tough cuts as you'd expect here with classics from the likes of Johnny Clarke, Leory Smart, Barry Brown and Black Uhuru getting the Tubby treatment with consistently spectacular results.

1. King Of The Arena Dub
2. No Partial Dub
3. Crazy Bald Head Dub
4. A Living Dub
5. Rastafari Dub
6. Heartless Dub
7. A Yard Dub
8. Destroy Dub Style
9. Book Of Numbers Dub
10. Natty Roots Man Dub
11. A Sunny Dub
12. Jam Style Dub