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King Tubby Meets The Upsetter | At The Grass Roots Of Dub LP

Studio 16

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Legendary dub LP that regularly appears towards the top of dub album lists (it was actually number one in Snoopy's equally legendary 1977 list of the greatest 125(!) dub albums of all time).

Compiled and produced by Winston Edwards in 1974 the concept was to pitch Jamaica's two leading purveyors of dub King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry against each other in a head to head contest with each controlling one side of the vinyl - side one mixed by Tubby and side two by Perry. In reality the generally considered opinion is that all the dubs actually came from Tubby's studio although some of the rhythms may have been recorded at Perry's Black Ark.

Whatever the backstory the end result is a tip top collection of classic heavyweight early Tubby dubs featuring the majestic horns of Vin Gordon that drift in and out of the mix helping it achieve it's well deserved status as one of the greatest ever dub LPs.

This is the 45th anniversary reissue edition released on Winston Edwards' very own Brixton based Studio 16 label.


A1 Blood Of Africa
A2 African Roots
A3 Raw Roots
A4 Wood Roots
A5 Luke Lane Rock
B1 People From Grass Roots
B2 Crime Wave
B3 No Justice For The Poor
B4 300 Years At The Grass Roots
B5 King Tubby & The Upsetter At Spanish Town