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King Tubby | King Of Dub LP

12 Star / Studio 16

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Back In Stock Extremely strong set of (mostly) Bunny Lee dubs mixed at Tubby's and originally released on Brad Osbourne's Clocktower label in 1979.

This is just one belter after the other kicking off with a storming dub of Barry Brown's Enter The Kingdom Of Zion and then moving onto versions of Horace Andy's  Money Money and You Are My Angel on the A-side. Then flip it over and you're greeted with deadly versions of Blood Dunza, Queen Of The Minstrel and Stalag. What a line up!

1. King Zion Dub
2. Super Star Dub
3. Graceful Dub
4. Rubba Dunza (Clock Tower Mix)
5. Jah Angel Of Dub (Clock Tower Mix)
6. Blood, Sweat & Dunza Dub
7. King, Queen & Minstreal Dub
8. Easy Dread & Check This Dub
9. Fancy Up A Dub
10. Stalac 80 Dubwise