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King Tubby | Dub From The Roots LP

Jamaican Recordings LP

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Tubby's first exploration into the long player album format and up there as one of his best collections of dubs. 14 killer Bunny 'Striker' Lee rhythms transformed at the hands of the dubmaster into futuristic otherwordly transmissions from the depths of the echo chamber. Just check the the mad intro on 'Invasion' for an example of how amazingly ahead of his time Tubby was. 

A1 Dub From The Roots
A2 Iyahta
A3 Mine Field
A4 Hijack The Barber
A5 African Roots
A6 Double Cross
A7 East Of (Arrows Hi-Fi)
B1 Invasion
B2 Dub Of A Woman
B3 Dub On My Mind
B4 Steeling
B5 Dub Experience
B6 Declaration Of Dub
B7 A Truthful Dub