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Keith Hudson | Playing It Cool & Playing It Right LP

Week-End Records

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Legendary album that resulted from a collaboration between the "Dark Prince Of Reggae" Keith Hudson and Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes mixed and dubbed at the Wackies studio in NYC and originally released on Hudsons's Joint International label in 1981.

An intoxicating mix of deep roots, dub, soul, funk and psychedelia it's another dark and timeless masterpiece from Hudson with the vocals rolling straight into some extraordinary dubs discomix style.

This is a new reissue for 2024 from Week-End records in Cologne that's been nicely packaged up alongside an insightful insert featuring an interview with Mr Bullwackie himself Lloyd Barnes.

Apologies for the price but it's an import (and looking at what the previous reissue now goes for on the second hand market it's still probably the best option for getting your hands on this amazing record).


A1 Playing It Cool
A2 Playing It Right Dub
A3 Trust & Believe
A4 In I Dub
A5 California
A6 By Night Dub
B1 Not Good For Us
B2 Formula Dub
B3 Be What You Want To Be
B4 Be Good Dub
B5 I Can't Do Without You
B6 Still Need You Dub