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Christoph El Truento | Dubs From The Neighbourhood LP

Haymaker Records

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The very welcome and much anticipated return of Christophe El Truento with another knock out LP that continues in the footsteps of that amazing Peace Maker Dub record (which I also have a few more copies of back in stock).

Another beautifully laid back collection of hazy summertime dubs all the way from Aotearoa. As with the previous record it's a mixture of instrumentals alongside a few vocal cuts (including an amazing rendition of I Am The Gorgon). The musicianship, production and mixing across the whole record is just superb, capturing the golden age of analogue dubbing but giving it a welcome contemporary twist. Annther future classic in the making I think...

As with the previous record it is also beautifully presented in an old school style printed sleeve that comes in 3 colourways. The attention to detail on both the aesthetics and the sonics here is really outstanding and helps to make these records really standout as something very special indeed.

Once again apologies on the price for these but FedEx was not kind with its charges for getting them from NZ to UK...

One per customer on these please.


1 Dubs From The Neighbourhood
2 Another Scorcher (Discomix)
3 Performer Dub
4 Piwari
5 Boss Man Dub
6 Pep The Conqueror
7 Traffic Jam
8 Ghost Rhythm
9 Low Tides
10 Things Done Changed
11 Moe Mai Ra