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Christel & Goldmaster Allstars | Government Man (Alt. Cut) 7"


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Such a great little record this one and one of the very first tunes I did a post about back in the very early days of Dubwise Vinyl (when I featured it in one of its earlier incarnations on 10").

A refreshingly unique sounding slice of UK roots that originally dates back to the late 90's. I think it's the combination of Christel's distinctive vocals and the overall post-punk influenced production on it that works a real treat to create something special that really stands out from the crowd. 

This is a repress of Partial's 7" release from a few years back that's home to two cuts - an alternative vocal and a pleasingly heavy dub - that (I think) were both previously unreleased until this came out.

A Government Man (Alt Cut)
B Political Version