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Autumns | Dyslexia Sound Source LP

Touch Sensitive

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Fantastic record here from Autumns on Belfast's Touch Sensitive label that channels the experimental post-punk dub pioneered by the like of On U-Sound and gives it a 2024 twist across 10 tracks that occupy the same sonic realm as other contemporary practitioners in this area such as Froid Dub, Holy Tongue and Nicolini.

The combination of heavy as lead basslines and liberal use of the dub siren make this a surefire Dubwise Vinyl favourite!


1. Phone Me
2. Digital Swing
3. Raw Product
4. Interpretive Dance Is A Scam
5. Holding A Sign To Be Recognised
6. Purely Reasonable
7. Just To Say You Were There
8. Inside The Bins
9. 23 Summers
10. Buy Me A Cornet