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Augustus Pablo | Rockers Meets King Tubby's In A Fire House LP

Rockers International / Only Roots

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The somewhat under the radar follow up to the legendary Rockers Uptown LP that once again sees Augustus Pablo reunited at Tubby's for an early 80s dubwise showdown, most likely with Jammy at the controls.

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by its more famous older sibling this is still an incredibly strong set of dubs that really deserves more recognition than I think it gets so it was nice to see it featuring in a prime position right at the start of Martin "Skyjuice" Blomqvist's excellent "100 Days Of Dub" book.

Definitely worth checking out for more fine examples of the magic that happens when Pablo's rhythms are run through Tubby's mixing desk.

A1 Rockers Meet King Tubbys Inna Fire House
A2 Short Man Dub
A3 Zion Is A Home
A4 Dub In A Matthews Lane Arena
B1 Jah Say Dub
B2 Son Of Jah Dub
B3 Simeon Tradition
B4 Selassie I Dub
B5 Jah Mouly Ital Sip