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Androo | The Disciples Experiments Reinterpreted LP

Bless You

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Geneva's Androo selects tracks the Disciples outstanding "Experiments" LP and takes them even further into depths of the eco chamber resulting in a fascinatingly immersive album of properly far out experimental dubwise sounds.

Anyone acquainted with the "Experiments" double LP that was released on Sound Metaphor's Thank You imprint a few years back will know how magically brilliant the source material that's reinterpreted here is and Androo doesn't hold back in applying his own signature mixing desk genius to completely reconstruct the tracks in his own inimitable style.

Just check the new dreamlike dubs of "Overflown" featuring snippets of spoke word taken from an interview with Russ Disciple himself or the intergalactic dancehall of "Fire Night Hit Dub" or the future steppers of "Shadows Dub."

A great example of pushing the dubwise sound to new creative heights.

A1 Some Thing Dub
A2 Overflown Interview Dub
A3 Overflown Raw Dub
A4 Overflown X Dub
B1 Fire Night Hit Dub
B2 Shadows Dub Wave Mix
B3 Shadows Dub Session Mix
B4 Overflown Y Dub