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While My Sequencer Gently Weeps | Emotional Icecream 12" EP

Asafa LP

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Absolutely amazing record from Stefan Schwander whose work as A Rocket In Dub I've previously featured here (that lovely 7" box set).

This is the kind of thing that inspired me to set up Dubwise Vinyl in the first place - taking inspiration from a broad range of electronic music genres and then applying a dubwise aesthetic to unite it all into a single cohesive sound. 

There are traces of house, techno, UKG, bleep n bass and even old school rave in here but pleasingly it doesn't fit into any one of these set categories and instead forges its own unique style that sounds both familiar yet refreshingly otherworldly and new. In case you need any more persuading (which I'm sure you won't once you listen to the clips) it also comes in a lovely screen printed sleeve. A really, really good record!

A1 Emotional Icecream (Version)
A2 Back To Bassline ^
A3 Der Tschad
B1 Something Is Not Wrong
B2 Convoy
B3 Emotional Icecream (Original)