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Various Artists | Reggae Africa: Roots & Culture 1972-1981

Africa Seven LP

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Ace comp of 70's African reggae from Africa Seven. Loads of great stuff on this including some personal favourites in the shape of Georges Happi's deeply funky "Hello Friends" and Christy Essien's beautifully soulful "I'll Be Your Man."

1. The Mebusas - "Good Bye Friends"
2. Georges Happi - "Hello Friends"
3. Black Reggae - "Darling I'm So Proud Of You"
4. Christy Essien - "I'll Be Your Man"
5. The Lijadu Sisters - "Bobby"
6. Tala Andre Marie - "Hop Sy Trong"
7. Essama Bikoula - "I'll Cry"
8. Carlos & Miki - "All This Nonsense"
9. Pasteur Lappe - "Babette D O. (Rastawoman)"