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Two The Hardway | Who Said? 12"


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I'm absolutely loving this one. Five long lost dub-rave-ragga gems from early 90's Manchester dusted off and presented on vinyl (for the first time for 3 of them) by Betonska. It's one of those records that feels like an important historical document in showing the styles and influences that came together to shape the UK's own unique brand of bass heavy, sound system inspired dance music that's become somewhat of a national speciality.

The A-side is home to the vocal and instrumental version of the previously unreleased 'Who Said?' which combines a heady brew of spangled acid house, dub and ragga to create the perfect soundtrack for the more adventurous dancefloor. Flip it over and you get two cuts of 'Hot Number' taken from their solo previous white label release with the second of these being a particular favourite bringing some breakbeats, a driving bassline and even a bit of sax into the mix to create some proper proto ragga jungle action. Then to finish off is the previously unreleased 'Blossom Street Dub' which is an absolutely lovely bit of UK steppers meets UK rave that sounds as fresh as a daisy despite being over 30 years old.

What a record! Not cheap I'm afraid (you can blame Brexit and hyperinflation for that) but still worth every penny in my opinion.

1. Who Said? (Instrumental Version)
2. Who Said? (Vocal Version)
3. Hot Number (Alternative Version)
4. Hot Number (Original Test Pressing Version)
5. Blossom Street Dub