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The Band Of Enlightenment, Reason & Love | Zota Yinne (Version)

Philophon 7"

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A gem of a 7" by Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy taken from Philophon's outstanding catalogue of releases that contains a dub of 'Zota Yinne' originally featured on the excellent 'Mam Yinne Wa' LP which I’ve previously posted on Dubwise Vinyl. It also made an appearance as one of the records included in the Magnificent 7s mixes I've been putting up on Soundcloud. An irresistible combination of reggae and dub with gospel and highlife influences that brings a much needed burst of Ghanaian sunshine to a cold December morning here in the UK.

A Zota Yinne (Version)
B Starlet Road Filling Station Romance (Version)