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N1_Sound | Mantras 12"

Spiritual World

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**Back In Stock** **Dubwise Vinyl Exclusive** Very honoured to be the only place in the UK that currently has copies of this amazing record.

Inspired by Cabaret Voltaire’s Three Mantras it aims to achieve the same state of hypnotic transcendence amongst listeners via two expertly executed long form rhythmically driven dub inspired soundscapes.

Mantra 1 on the A-side is an 8 minute dub-funk odyssey that takes you on a journey to the deepest depths of your consciousness via the power of an irresistible winding groove. Then flip it over for a slower darker route to transcendence via the trance inducing hand percussion led ambience of Mantra 2.

A mesmerisingly unique record from Toronto's Spiritual World.

Limited edition of 100.

A: Mantra 1
B: Mantra 2