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Puli | Puli EP 7"

Constant Delay

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Very, very excited to be able to offer copies of this amazing record. Not many in existence (only 100 pressed I think) and as far as I'm aware these are the only copies currently on these shores. 

Marking the inaugural release on Melbourne's brand new Constant Delay label are LA based trio Puli (a.k.a. Damon Eliza Palermo, John Calvin Jones and Phil Cho) who deliver two slices of exemplary high grade electronic dub.

Up top we're treated to the mesmerising "Mr. Steinberger Upstairs" which feels like the sonic equivalent of slowly immersing yourself into a warm bath of melodic sub bass, i.e. it's lovely. Flip it over and the pace picks up for the darker delights of "Ginkgo Dub" which brings in influences from dancehall as well as dub techno for a more dancefloor focused slice of dubwise dynamite. 

A Mr. Steinberger Upstairs
B Ginkgo Dub