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Nicolini | Sopratutto LP

South Of North

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Always excited to hear new music from Nicolini and this latest LP is probably my favourite record yet which is high praise indeed considering the calibre of the previous two records he's put out (which I've also restocked in the shop).

From the tripped out psychedelic jazz of opener 'Clear' to the no wave post-punk meets new wave electro banger 'Stretch Dat Neck' to futuristic digi-dancehall stepper 'Madda' it's a roller coaster ride packed with plenty of musical surprises and delights to keep you on your toes but grounded with a melodic playfulness and a megaton of bass weight that keeps you coming back for more. Another top record.

A1 Clear 
A2 Sopratutto
A3 Stretch Dat Neck
A4 Madda
B1 Plans In The Bunker
B2 Bull Bling
B3 Where Are They From