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Grim Lusk | Diving Pool 12" EP

Domestic Exile

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Another great record from Glasgow's Murray Collier who's work as Dip Friso I've previously featured here. This time he's going under his Grim Lusk alias with a slightly more dancefloor focus but the presence of his characteristically warped dub influences remain strong resulting in six pleasingly wonky leftfield tracks.

Check out the all conquering bassline that drives the intergalactic dancehall vibes of 'Partans' and comes across  sounding like a particularly rowdy off spring of Sleng Teng that's just gate crashed the party. Or the chugging echo chamber death disco dub of title track 'Diving Pool.' In short it's another top record. Nice one Murray!

A1 Nuovo
A2 Partans
A3 Not Enough
B1 Diving Pool
B2 Too Much
B3 Wazoo