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Elijah Minnelli | Perpetual Musket LP


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Very excited to announce that the much anticipated debut LP from long time Dubwise Vinyl favourite Elijah Minnelli has landed on Brighton's FatCat Records.

True to form it's a record that fascinates and delights in equal measure breaking new ground  by bringing together the worlds of roots reggae and folk. It's an inspired pairing that works an absolute treat and highlights the maybe surprising similarities between the two genres.

Elijah selects the cream of the crop of reggae vocal talent from veterans such as Little Roy and Earl 16 to legends of the future Shumba Youth and Joe Yorke for the vocal cuts which are then paired showcase style with a selection of correspondingly brilliant deep dubs mixed by the man himself.

The result is an intriguing, bold and brilliant debut long player from one of most unique sounding contemporary producers pushing dub and reggae into fascinating new sonic territories.

On limited edition purple vinyl.

Also well worth checking Elijah's recent dub remix 10" for TRAMMS which is also ace.

1. Vine And Fig Tree (feat. Little Roy)
2. Soulcake (feat. Shumba Youth)
3. Lifeboat Mona (feat. Earl 16)
4. Wind & The Rain (feat. Joe Yorke)
5. Ploughshare Dub
6. Ha'penny Dub
7. Gallant Dub
8. Swaggering Dub