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Eek-A-Mouse & Dougie Conscious, Alligator Dubs – Down in the Ghetto | Final Battle 12"

Alligator Dubs

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Oh lordy this is a big tune! Dougie Conscious on production and Eek-A-Mouse on vocals for an absolutely deadly UK/JA rub-a-dub steppers collaboration of epic proportions. And that's just the vocal cut. Wait til you hear the dubs, they are insane! Top record from Brixton's Alligator Dubs.

A1 Eek-A-Mouse & Dougie Conscious– Down In The Ghetto
A2 Eek-A-Mouse & Dougie Conscious– Ghetto Dub
A3 Dougie Wardrop– Dubwise Style
B1 Alligator Dubs– Final Battle
B2 Alligator Dubs– Final Dub
B3 Alligator Dubs– Battlefield Dub