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Dub Judah | Twinkle's Riddim

Twinkle Music LP

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Ace early 90's LP of digi-dubs and rhythms from Dub Judah on Norman Grant's Twinkle Music. Loads of great stuff on this ranging from the mellow 'Nyah Bingie' and 'Tormenting Riddim' to the driving 'Mad Men Riddim'. Melodic digital dub at its finest.

A1 Raging Riddim
A2 Nyah Bingie Riddim
A3 Tormenting Riddim
A4 Riddim Gifts
A5 Nah Leggo Riddim
B1 Revealing Riddim
B2 Murder In Zaire Riddim
B3 Burning Fire Riddim
B4 Riddim Deliver Me
B5 Chanting Riddim
B6 Mad Man Riddim