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Dip Friso | Crocodile or Real? LP

Real Landscape

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Amazing new record from Glasgow's Murray Collier, a.k.a. Dip Friso, that combines a dubwise aesthetic with the cut and paste approach of experimental hip hop to create a deeply immersive and properly sampledelic journey into the darkest depths of the echo chamber. DJ Shadow meets King Tubby. Lovely screenprinted artwork too.

Side 1
1. "Crocodile Or Real"
2. "Bananas"
3. "Looking"
4. "Good Morning"
5. "Zig Zag Serpentine"
6. "On The Platform"
7. "Seventh Dub"
Side 2
1. "In The Carriage"
2. "That Is Ugly (What's Going On?)"
3. "Danger Waters"
4. "Last Train (To Glasgow Central)"
5. "Storm Clouds"