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Craig Bratley Featuring Amy Douglas | No In Between (Ashigaru Dub) 7"

Magic Feet

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**Back In Stock** One of my favourite new releases from last year as featured in my selections for Test Pressing's 2023 Round Up.

Evoking memories of early Massive Attack and Smith & Mighty this one ticks a lot of boxes for me. Much like those "pre-trip hop" trip hop records it strikes that perfect balance between soulful melancholia and bass heavy dubwise experimentalism whilst never loosing sight of the dancefloor.

Despite these musical reference points there's absolute nothing retro about Craig Bratley's production here. The deadly combination of tough driving drums and earthshaking dub basslines expertly offset by icy snyths provide the perfect musical backdrop for Amy Douglas' striking vocals. 

A stunning record. Hats off to all involved.

A No In Between (Ashigaru Dub)
B No In Between (Original Mix)