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CounterAction Warriors / Jah Mystic | Stand Up Strong / I-tinual Meditation 10"


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Fantastic under the radar 10" that dates back to 2007 and packs some serious bass weight.

A-side is home to "Stand Up Strong" from CounterAction Warriors which is a super tough slice of UK roots with a wicked stripped back driving bassline that really shines through on the excellent dub and gives the whole thing a pleasingly distinctive post-punk feel. Give it a listen - it's seriously good!

Flip it over and the tempo increases as we head into steppers territory. However this is no standard run-of-the-mill steppers business. Things get seriously wild here with some Tubby-esque mixing desk manipulation combined with influences from the broader electronic music spectrum resulting in a sounds that sits somewhere between steppers, UK funky and techno. In other words, it's brilliant.

Top 10". Highly recommended.

Unplayed stock copies of the original 2007 release.

A1 CounterAction Warriors – Stand Up Strong
A2 CounterAction Warriors – Strong Dub
AA1 Jah Mystic – I-tinual Meditation
AA2 Jah Mystic – I-tinual Dub