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Brenda Ray | Perfume Of The Soul LP

Emotional Rescue

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This feels like a record of fitting magnitude to deserve the accolade of being the 100th release on the excellent Emotional Rescue label. Lovingly complied here you'll find a collection of previously unreleased tracks from the genius that is Brenda Ray dating back to the late 80s and early 90s.

Many of you will no doubt be acquainted with the now classic 'D'Ya Hear Me' record from a few years back that collected together Brenda's output during the late 70s and early 80s. Well here the clock moves forward a decade and never one to rest on her laurels or live in the past Brenda draws her points of reference from the new musical landscape that was evolving around her at the time - most notably soul, hip hop and house.

Applying a distinctly dubwise experimental approach to these burgeoning genres along with her characteristic pop sensibility the results are nothing short of spectacular ranging from the hazy melodica led blissed out dub epic 'Return Of Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger' to the bass thumping proto-hip hop  of 'Dancehall Exocet'  to the heartbreakingly beautiful dub smudged house of 'Spirit's So High.' As you can imagine there's a wealth of riches to be enjoyed here and maximum respect to Emotional Rescue for doing the honourably thing in making them available for the very first time. Also particularly love the cover artwork which feels very fitting given the current political and economic situation here in the UK at the moment.

A1 Universal Purpose 
A2 Spirit's So High
A3 Mmmmoon Wrap
A4 Love's The Most
A5 Hope
B1 Dancehall Exocet
B2 This Was No Dream
B3 Tequila Sam
B4 Return Of Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger
B5 Love's The Most (Lighter Acoustical)