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Alpha & Omega | Pure and Clean 12"


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**Back In Stock** One of my all time favourite Alpha & Omega tunes, which is high praise indeed given the quality of their output.

A beautiful sonic encapsulation of that classic A&O sound - both deep and mystical as well as bass heavy and sound system ready.

Originally appearing on the 1989 King & Queen LP it has been reissued previously on 7" by Partial but this is it's first time on 12". Presented here alongside two previously unreleased mixes on the flip, including a dubplate version favoured by Shaka (see clip below...)


A1 Alpha & Omega– Pure and Clean
A2 Alpha & Omega– Pure and Clean Version
B1 Alpha & Omega Feat. Dub Judah– Pure and Clean Remix
B2 Alpha & Omega– Pure and Clean Dubplate Mix