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A Rocket In Dub | Ltd 2xLP

Krachladen Dub

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Düsseldorf based producer Stefan Schwander is responsible for a large amount of high quality electronic music produced under a variety of guises, the most famous of which probably being his Harmonious Thelonious moniker. It's a lesser known fact that he's also a bit of a dab hand at producing dub and by bringing his years of house and techno experience into the echo chamber he has created a uniquely compelling signature style that is very much his own and effortlessly bridges these two worlds.

This is his second album length release as A Rocket In Dub (and I would definitely encourage you to hunt down the beautiful 7" box set that preceded it) and as with his recent release as While My Sequencer Gently Weeps it magically manages to sound both comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly otherworldly. The presence of dub is strong throughout and the addition of some lovely horns on a number of the tracks provides a direct link back to the roots reggae tradition but the sound here is always pleasingly progressive and innovative - pulling in influences from house and techno to create music that feels equally at home on the dancefloor as it does on headphones.

Just check out the warm melodic deep dub house of "B-Boy Drum Machine" with it’s lovely roosty horns - Yabby You meets Frankie Knuckles at King Tubbys. Or sample the delights of "Magnificent" which, with the help of a familiar sounding melody, conjures up memories of hazy half remembered dancefloors providing a link to Stefan’s exemplary work as While My Sequencer Gently Weeps. And then there's album closer "Monotony Is Nice" which very successfully offsets some joyful bouncy beats with the addition of darker industrial FX. The result sounds a bit like Fun Boy Three’s "It Ain’t What You Do" taken deep into the echo chamber – i.e. it’s brilliant.

"Ltd" is another wonderful record from Stefan that sits together perfectly in the long player album format and I would strongly recommend you sampling the medicinal effects of immersing yourself in it’s dubwise basstastic wonders for an hour or two.

Side 1
1. "Mr Fix-It"
2. "B-Boy Drum Machine"
Side 2
1. "Low Tide"
2. "Shut Up & Dub"
Side 3
1. "Magnificent"
2. "Rhythm 77"
Side 4
1. "Singalong Dub"
2. "Abstract Dub"
3. "Monotony Is Nice"