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3 Men Gone Mad | You Try 12"

Utopia Originals

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I've been after an OG copy of this one for some time so very pleased to see it get a nice and loud 12" reissue courtesy of Utopia Originals.

Originally released in 1990 it broadly fits within the indie/dance explosion of that era but 3 Men Gone Mad's sound is more melancholy and dubbier than a lot of their contemporaries and as result, to my ears anyway, seems to be bear a closer resemblance to a lot of the post-punk that came a decade earlier.

This is further confirmed when you listen to the two excellent dub versions that are included here, especially the second one (which I think is new and previously unreleased) which feels like a proper version excursion back to a dub smudged grey scale late 80's Britain.

Great record that didn't get the recognition it deserved the first time round so nice to see it being given a new lease of life here.

A1. You Try 
A2. You Try (Mix 1)
B. You Try (Mix 2)